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Mark Simonson had the idea for Coquette while designing a logo in the early ’90s. “It took me several tries over several years to get it to look the way I wanted it to, a process that taught me a lot about type design and drawing letters.” Coquette is, as its name suggests, a flirtatious unconnected upright script. Mark describes it as “a sort of hybrid between French scripts and 1930s-era geometric sans serifs.”

Over 350 characters in each of the three weights, including ligatures and extended support for most Latin-based Western and Central European languages.

Product information
Typographer Mark Simonson
Date created 2001
Number of faces 3
Available formats Open Type
Required software Learn more
Number of Users 5
Additional details End user license agreement
Return policy We hope you're not afraid of commitment because this is a final sale.