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The main inspiration behind Laura’s Adorn is weddings. The increased popularity of DIY projects, letterpress, and the handmade movement has changed the face of modern weddings. “More people are finding ways to design and make their own. People are hiring calligraphers, lettering artists, and designers to either create custom designs or designs that still have a custom look about them.”

Like Charcuterie, Adorn plays on the idea of mixing different but complementary fonts in a single design. “Charcuterie made that easy and I wanted to do the same thing with Adorn, just geared toward a different audience.”

The entire collection includes four script faces, seven display faces, 100 ornaments, 40 customizable frames and banners, and one-, two-, or three-letter initial monogram styles.

Product information
Typographer Laura Worthington
Date created 2014
Number of faces 20
Available formats Open Type
Required software Learn more
Number of Users 5
Additional details End user license agreement
Return policy We hope you're not afraid of commitment because this is a final sale.